David Wachs Director-Producer Showreels   David Wachs Television
Film & TV view John Quilter – Culinary Personality –
Showreel 2011
Corporate view EMMY Winner - “Picture Windows” Intro view
David Wachs Corporate, Adverts & Promos "Mrs. O’Leary" (TV Pilot) view
Main Company Video view “The Life of Art” (TV Pilot) view
Premiere League Footballers Ebola Video view “Rosey & Jonesy” (Short) view
Hospice of St. Francis view   David Wachs Children’s
Customer Profile Video view   Children’s Showreel (coming soon)
Customer Service Delivery Video view   Meet The Grandparents view
The Future of UHD Video view   We're Puppeteers - Nickelodeon (Jr.) - "Christmas" (Special) view
Sega-Madworld "Making-of" view   We're Puppeteers - Nickelodeon (Jr.) - "Pirate Chicken" view
Sega-Madworld "Bloopers 1" view We're Puppeteers - Nickelodeon (Jr.) - "King Pig" view
Sega-Madworld "Bloopers 2 view   We're Puppeteers - Nickelodeon (Jr.) - "Bananas" view
Autoglym view   BAFTA Nominee - "It's A New Day" - Nickelodeon (Jr.) - COMPILATION - all 10 x 2 (20') view
A C N view   “Teletubbies” Showreel view
Holocaust Survivor view   It’s A New Day-Nickelodeon (Jr. )- Lobster Boat (2') view
David Wachs Documentary     It’s A New Day-Nickelodeon (Jr.)-Indian Celebration (2') view
“Holes In My Shoes” Trailer view   It’s A New Day-Nickelodeon (Jr.)-Football (2') view
“Holes In My Shoes” Audience Reactions view   "Big City Park" - CBeebies - Rubbish (1'30) view
David Wachs Music Video     "Big City Park" - CBeebies - Tall Tales (1'30) view
The Zimmers -   "Big City Park" - CBeebies - Special Day (1'30) view
“When You’re Smiling” view   "Big City Park" - CBeebies - Finding The Signs (1'30) view
      Krazy Kat Theatre Company Trailer view
      Family Holiday Association - Giving Kids a Break (Charity) view